Source: Scroll of Yehoshu ‘Messiah


Reading: Luc. 1:1-25

Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a coordinated events that took place among us, 2 the second delivered them to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word, 3 also telling me, after having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, it seemed good to me, most excellent Theophilus, write you a narration in order; 4 to get to know fully the truth of the things wherein thou wast instructed. 5 There was in the days of Herod, king of Yehudah, a certain priest named Zekharyah, the class of Aviyah; and his wife was a descendant of Aaron, and her name was Elisheva. 6 They were both righteous before the eternal God, an-giving blamelessly in all the commandments and precepts of Y’HWH. 7 But they had no child, because Elisheva was barren, and both were advanced in years. 8 Now while he executed the priest’s office before the eternal God in the order of his course, 9 According to the custom of the priesthood, it fell to him by lot to enter the temple of the Lord and burn incense; 10 And the whole multitude of the people were praying outside at the hour of in-censo.11 And there appeared unto him an angel of Y’HWH, standing to the right of the altar of incense. 12 And Zekhariah, seeing him, was troubled, and fear, the assailed. 13 But the angel said unto them, Fear not: Zekharyah; for thy prayer is heard, and Elisheva, thy wife shall bear thee a son, and shall call them the name of Yochanan; 14 You will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth; 15 For he shall be great before the Lord Y’HWH; drink no wine nor strong drink; and be filled with the Spirit; the Holy, even from his mother’s womb; 16 And many of the children of Israel Y’HWH their God; 17 will go before him in the spirit and power; as Eliahu, to turn the hearts of the children to the Father; and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to prepare for Y’HWH the Lord a people. Zekharyah 18 Then said the angel, How shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years. 19 And he said unto the angel: I’m Gabri’el Y’HWH who stand before the eternal God, and am sent to speak to you and giving you this good news; 20 and, behold, thou shalt be dumb, and not able to speak until the day that these things; because you did not believe my words, which in their time they will be fulfilled. 21 The people were waiting Zekharyah, and wondered at his delay in the sanctuary. 22 When he came out, he could not speak unto them: and they perceived that he had seen a vision in the temple. And spoke to him by nods, and remained speechless. 23 And when the days of his ministry, he returned home. 24 After these days Elisheva, his wife conceived, and hid herself five months, saying, 25 Thus hath the Lord Y’HWH the day wherein he looked on me, to take away my reproach among men.


In ancient Israel the genealogy was told by the eldest male; to prove that the prophet Y’ochanan came from the tribe of Yllavéh, Luke mentions clearly that Elisheva was the daughter of the house and family of Harom.

Y’ochanan was born in the month of Kislev; and claiming to be an angel, quotes the prophet Malahí.3: 1 and 23.


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