The Apocalypse of Yochanan, is a parchment whose quotes and prophecies, are always; presented in symbolism or sparkling waters. Yochanan, said the emergence of the first and second beast; the first, as rising from the sea that is: political power.
This prophecy was fulfilled in the Council of Nicaea, when on 20 June 325, under decree and chair of Emperor Constantine I, for worship, veneration and worship of svs (Zeus), was raised Roman Catholic Church; which; is prophetically the great whore to be formed by those who fell away from the call of the way people; Yochanan, said the deadly wound that this church should suffer; this happened in the sixteenth century, in France, when the emperor Calos V, Pope Clement VII arrested.

Meanwhile, as Yochanan prophesied, comes from the earth, that is, of the people, Luther, Calvin and Pierre There Ramee, the latter, Pierre with its taxonomy in Latin grammar; changed the sound of some letters and created the second beast, turning Iesvs; the name Jesus; and gave him the surname of Christ used in the first beast, Iesvs Christvs Fiili Dei.

Calvin Luther and Pierre; are the ten horns, and hated the Roman Church, and made it naked and disqualified by ordering their dogmas and doctrines, and created the so-called evangelical system; this way, as Yochanan said, ate the meat of the Roman church, and gave the name Jesus, all authority and power as it was before: the IESVS CHRITVS FIILI DEI; 666 in the Roman Church. STEMS OTHERWISE

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