Did you know that Latin Vulgate; the Bible, which is now presented in versions of JF Almeida, New World, Jerusalem, etc. are not the true version of Bessorah or good news of the kingdom of heaven?

she; The Latin Vulgate; is plagiarism.
In the year 384, of this present age, with Roman emperor, Theodosius; Spanish, Damaso I had to make a new version of the writings of the apostles of Yehoshu ‘the Messiah (as decreed in the Council of Nicea), where there were stated in the name of the Hebrew Yehoshu’ or Yeshu ‘; but which indicated the IESVS or Zeus whole work; that Hebrew had. And, on February 28 of that year, Bishop Eusebius Sophronius Hyerônimo (now St. Jerome) promulgated the Latin Vulgate version, which he said, “I pulled out, I added and modified; if anyone even slightly literate have a previous version and read there at least once, and now reading that I have done, certainly call me forger and sacrilegious. ”
This is the Bible with which the world has been deceived; worshiping Zeus, hidden in Jesus name. And they call this savior of the world. kkkkkkk

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