After forty – nine days after Pesach (Passover), in Hebrew Sharfirat HaOmer, sunset, the fiftieth day, is Shavuot – Pentecost. In Paleth or Exodus in chapter 12: 6, we read: “On the fourteenth day of this month all the gathering of the congregation of Israel shall slay the lamb in the twilight of the evening.”
“It was in Shavuoth that YEHWH the Most High God revealed himself before all yehudim people and gave him the Torah, his word – eternal and unchangeable” (Morashá Magazine, April 2006, p. 12).
Yes; On the day of Pentecost the two tablets of stones containing the decalogue written by YEHWH himself or Man Spirit; The saint; Was delivered to Israel; Is the glorious promulgation of the TORAH …. In the celebrated passage which has become a symbol of deep devotion and faith; Ruth, after the death of her husband Yehudi, declared to the mother-in-law, “Your people will be my people and your God will be my God.” “Ruth remarried; And his great-grandson, was King David, who was born and died during Shavuoth. “(Pentecost) (Morashá Magazine, April 2006, p.

Luke wrote that the angel Gabriel announced to Myriam that she would begin the pregnancy for the birth of Yehoshu ‘the Messiah; In the month of Elul (lunar calendar); After the nine months, we shall have SIVAN the MONTH OF YEHOSHU’S BIRTH OF THE MESSIAH.
It is worth remembering that the Congregation of Yehoshu ‘was enacted at Pentecost; That is, fifty days after his resurrection.

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