Source: Yehoshua’s Parchment the Messiah
Reading: Mat.1: 1-17
Book of the genealogy of Yehoshu ‘the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Hamon (father Ramon). 2 And to Hamom the father was Yashak; Y’sa’ac was born Ya’acob; To Ya’acob was born Yehudah and his brothers; 3 Yehudah were born to Tamar, Perez, and Zerah; Perez was born Esrom; Aram was born to Esrom; 4 And Aminadab was born to Aran; Aminadab was born Narsom; Narsom was born Salmon; 5 And Salmon was born of Raab, Boaz; Boaz was born of Ruth, Oved; Oved was born Ishái; 6 And the Ishái was born David. From David was born Sh’lomom the wife of Uriah; 7 Sh’lomom was born Rehavam; Rehavam was born Abijah; The Abi’ah was born Asaph; 8 Yehoshaphath was born to Asshath; Yehoshafat was born Yehoram; Ahhoram was born Ahaziáhu; 9 Ahaziáhu was born Ioatan; Ioatan was born Ahaz; The Ahaz was born Hiskiahu; 10 to Hiskiahu was born Menashe; To Menashe was born Amon; 11 Ioshiahu was born to Ammoni, and his brothers, at the time of their deportation to Babylon.12 After the deportation to Babylon, Iehoniah was born, Sheathel; The Sheatiel was born Zerubavel; 13 And Abiud was born to Zerubavel; Abijah was born Eliakim; To Eliaquim; Azor was born; 14 Azado was born Tsadoke; Tsadoke was born Aquim; Achim was born to Achim; 15 Elijah was born to Elijah; Matan was born to Eliazar; Matan was born Ya’acob; 16 And unto Ya’acob was born Joseph, the husband of Myriam, of whom was born Yehoshu the Messiah. 17 And all the generations from Hamon to David are fourteen generations; And from the deportation to Babylon to the Messiah, fourteen generations.
From the speech of the angel Gbryi’el to Myriam, girl, princess of the house and family of David she would give birth to a son, she asks him how it would be, because, (she said) I do not know man?
Being explained, and getting from the angel the information that her cousin Elisheva was in her sixth month of pregnancy, marveled, she traveled to the mountains without telling Joseph her bridegroom; And stayed there for three months. The angel’s visit to Myriam occurred in the sixth month ELUL; The birth of y’ochanan in the month of QUISLEW the ninth.

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