Comments Bishop Simplício
Source: Yehoshua the Messiah’s Parchment
Leit. T’om 7: 9-34.
Said Yehoshu ‘: The Kingdom of the Father is like a certain woman who was carrying a pitcher full of flour; while he was walking the road, still far from the house, the handle of the pitcher broke and the flour fell down the path behind it; 10 She did not realize it, because she had not noticed the accident when she got home, put the pitcher on the floor and realized that it was empty.11 […] The disciples said to her: Your brothers and your mother are waiting there and he said unto them, 12 These are they that do the will of my Father, my brethren, and my mother: they are they that shall enter into the kingdom of my Father. 13 They showed a gold coin to Yehoshu, and they told him : Caesar’s men exile us tributes. 14 And he said unto them, Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; Give unto the eternal God that which is of the everlasting God, and give unto me that which is mine. 15 Yehoshu ‘said: Woe to the Pharisees, for they are like a sleeping dog in the manger of oxen, for they neither eat nor allow oxen to eat. 16 Yehoshu ‘said: Happy is the man who knows where thieves will enter, because that way he can stand up, review his domain. 17 They said to Yehoshua, “Come, let us pray and fast today. Yehoshu ‘said: what was the sin that I committed or in which I was conquered? 18 … Yehoshu said, ‘When you make two, one, you will return; sons of man, and when thou shalt say, Mountain; move! It will move. 19 Yehoshu ‘said: The kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred sheep; one of them, the greatest of all, was lost. 20 He left the ninety-nine and went looking for her until he found her. 21 After he had gone through all this trouble, he said to the sheep, I am more interested in you than at ninety-nine. 22 Yehoshu said, ‘Whosoever drinks of my mouth shall become like me. I myself shall become him; and things that are hidden shall be revealed unto him. 23 Yehoshu ‘said: The Kingdom is like a man who had a treasure hidden in his field without knowing; 24 After his death he left the field for his son; the son did not know about the treasure; he inherited the field and sold it. 25 The buyer plowing the field found the treasure, and began lending money at interest to whom he desired. 26 Who has found the world and has become rich, who renounces the world. 27 Yehoshu said, ‘The heavens and the earth will bow before you; and he that liveth of the Living shall not know death. 28 Yehoshu ‘did not say: whoever finds himself; is superior to the world? 29 Yehoshu said; Woe to the flesh that depends on life; woe to life that depends on the flesh. 30 His disciples said to him, “When will the kingdom come? 31 Yehoshu said; it will not come because it is expected; it is not a matter of saying: behold, he is here, or, behold, he is there; 32 Verily, the kingdom of the Father is scattered throughout the earth, and men do not see. 33 Shimom Kefah said to her, “May Myriam leave our midst, for women are not worthy of life. 34 Yehoshu answered, “I myself will guide you to make you male, so that she may also become a living spirit similar to you male. 35 For every woman that shall become a male shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.
We live the moment when the prophecy spoken by Danyi’el is being fulfilled, when he announced that science would multiply.
With the development of mobile telephony with its software, it is already common to see someone walking distractedly on the streets at any time.
Now; the text in appreciation speaks of someone who by being distracted, was irreversibly impaired.

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